9 Lead Generation Tools You Won’t Want To Miss

Jun 13

9 Lead Generation Tools You Won’t Want To Miss

If you’re looking for lead generation tools, there are 9 lead generation tools you won’t want to miss. These tools are easy to implement, and you won’t need anything expensive to implement them into your workday.

If you’re unfamiliar with lead generation you’ll want to learn how to do it so that you can grow your business. These 9 Lead Generation Tools will go far in helping you to grow your business. Some of these work better than others and some may work better at one time over another but they all work so let’s get started.

1. SEO Or Search Engine Optimization

One of the best marketing tools to implement for lead generation is Search Engine Optimization. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a means of implementing keywords into your website so that you’ll be found by keyword searches and the search engines. The key here is to have your website be on the first page of any search engine results for your niche.

If you plug in a keyword and you’re not on the first page of search engine results, it’s time to do some updating on your SEO. At the very least, your keywords should be in the title of your website, the first sentence of the first paragraph, and interspersed with the rest of the pages. You should also use LSI or latent keywords to utilize it to the best of your advantages. This way you’re not overusing your keywords.

2. Marketing Automation

What is this? It’s utilizing software that will automate many of your tasks. You can even set it up to post a blog post at a later date so that you only spend a few hours on blog posts weekly. The blog posts can be posted as you direct and that will mean you have more time for other tasks.

There are many other tasks that you can automate and save both time and money on. From newsletters to emails to more you can find a lot of great ways to automate. It will give you a lot of benefits and you’ll find that the more you can automate the easier things go for your lead generation.

3. Personalization

This is huge. You can gather information and details regarding leads, what interests them and utilize this for your marketing benefit. You can then utilize this information by marketing what will interest those leads. This form of personalization works wonders and many businesses use it to gain more customers.

Not everyone is going to want this information, some will use it and some will not. However, keep in mind that allowing them to opt out will be a huge step in keeping your customers happy and giving them the opportunity to be in charge of what they do and don’t receive. Always invite potential customers to sign up assuring them that they can opt out at any time. It works wonders.

4. Pay-Per-Click Or PPC

In PPC, you’ll pay Google to display information at the top of the search engines. When someone plugs in one of your keywords Google will then put your pages at the top of the search engine results.

Once you’ve set this out, you’ll activate it on Google and reap the rewards. As an added bonus, you’ll find that you’re only charged when someone actually clicks on the link so it gives you paid advertising. You can set it up for multiple keywords and phrases to best utilize your account.

5. Inbound Content

Leverage your inbound content and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Write blog articles on why your products are good, use backlinks and take advantage of inbound links to ensure that you’re reaching all of your audience. Don’t hesitate to invite your potential customers to share what they’ve found with someone who may be interested in the information. It’s amazing how people will pass things along to someone else and sometimes, that may be a huge customer.

Don’t oversell the product in your article, however, make sure that you’re plugging the products. You want to achieve branding without overdoing it. You want potential customers to think of your product whenever such products are mentioned even if your name isn’t mentioned alongside the product.

6. Social Media

Take the time to build up your social media presence. This will help give you some lead generation, give the potential customers some information and they’ll want to share what they’ve just read so you’ll reach a wider range of potential customers.

This is also a great way to share discounts, savings, and reach more people. Make it easy for visitors to your website or blog to share by adding in the appropriate social media buttons on your pages so that they can easily click on these and share to their walls. This will go far in helping you to gain some advertising.

7. Utilize Web Pop-Ups

This strategy works by automation. As someone clicks on something, the pop-up pops up your website to lead them to the product. This is also an ideal means to show discounts, sales, and valuable tips and details of your product.

It may be the perfect incentive to help keep them on your website or attract them to your website and it may help to bring back former customers who may have forgotten about you or been waiting for a sale.

8. Add To Your Email List

Offer discounts in exchange for email addresses. This is a great way to give people incentive to go to your website, stay on your page and to focus on what you have to offer. Offer them a ten or twenty percent discount.

You could also offer them a newsletter that comes out monthly in exchange. In your newsletter, you could include discounts and sales as well as other incentives. Remember, the longer they stay on your page, the more likely they are to buy something.

9. Score Some Leads

Use high-value web pages on your site to encourage people to open your pages. Utilizing your automation you can find out who visits your page the most and target those higher profile visitors by sending them out target specific emails and discounts.

This will eventually lead to more sales and better conversion rates and a higher yield on your return on invested or ROI. It’s going to take time, it won’t be an overnight conversion rate but, you’ll eventually see results and when you do, you’ll know that you’ve reached your goal.

Using these 9 lead generation tools will go far in helping you to improve your conversion rates, gain more leads, and improve your Return On Investment or ROI. Keep in mind that it takes time and presence on the Internet to accomplish all of these.

What works well one day may not work at all on another day. There are going to be days with more trial and error than others, however, once you get the hang of it you’re going to see more and more leads and be well on your way to success.

Lead generation takes time and effort but once you’ve implemented it you’ll be doing great and free yourself up for bigger and better things. Many businesses hire someone to do this and then automate it so that they can run it themselves.

Lead generation should be an ongoing process that is constantly generating more leads and focusing on helping to gain more business. These 9 lead generation tools will go far in helping you to gain more business.

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