8 Incredible Twitter Marketing Secrets

Jun 18

8 Incredible Twitter Marketing Secrets

A good amount of the people who are using Twitter are actually following brands. This makes for a wealth of opportunities when it comes to marketing. If you are able to use Twitter to your advantage, you can bring about awareness for your brand, drive a good deal of traffic to your pages, generate leads and start to built up a great customer base. Even if you have mastered the best ways to get around this social media platform and you are well aware of tags and trends, you still need to be able to learn some of the top marketing secrets to help put your business over the edge.

These are 8 of the best Twitter marketing tips that will definitely help you to kick your social media game into high gear and make it so that you can really stand out from all of the competition:

1. Add Commentary For Any Shared Content

Whenever you are going to be sharing your content on a social media platform like Twitter, you need to be able to find a point where you can fit in commentary that is related to the content or even flag a crucial portion of the piece. This is something that can be very beneficial as you work to establish your brand and to get you a good name in the industry. In some cases, you will also be able to put across the fact that you are looked at as a leader, showing that your company is made up of people who are knowledgeable about the industry.

In case you have a piece of content that you find that was authored by one of the major influencers in your chosen field, you can make sure that you tag them in a follow up question or in the post itself. This can be a good idea of you are hoping to connect with the community and followers as a real and natural relationship.

2. Determine The Optimal Times To Tweet For Your Given Audience

You might already have a grasp on the best times to Tweet to your advantage and you could have it right down to the hour. However, you need to be able to understand your audience and know what they are doing, as this will also help for you to get a better feel of optimum Tweet times for the best interaction and views. For example, if you are running a business that caters to a busy mom, you may not want to schedule your Tweets when they are apt to be out in the morning running kids to school or the hours after school when they are heading to sporting events and other school sponsored activities.

Picking and choosing your times very wisely will help you to make sure that your target audience is never left out and that they will be able to see and engage with your posts. When you are able to plan out the right Tweet times, it can give you a great nudge in the right direction to bring up your engagement rate. There are even a number of tools that are available today that will help you to find the best times to dive deeper into your audience base, right down to the sub-segments that you really need for success. These sub-segments can include everything from location and entertainment preferences to how many followers each user has.

3. Use A Calendar To Mark Out Real Time Opportunities

Twitter is a nice platform if you want to get in on real time marketing. If you are able to offer a response that is dead on and just minutes after an event, it can really make your social profile skyrocket. There are some events that you cannot plan for, but you can mark out dates on your calendar with some of the big events that are most relevant to your audience. With this calendar planning, it is best to have a response ready or have the ability to produce something right away.

4. Tag Any Relevant Profiles In Your Images

Because you have the ability to tag up to 10 other users in a Twitter image, you need to make sure that you are making the most out of them. Strategically choose the best accounts to tag that will bring about the best response. When you stop to think about it, these tags are even a way to get more text in that would have eaten up your character limit within the original post. Tag anyone from competition winners and celebrities, to groups and politicians. Just be sure that all of the tags are relevant to the image for best results.

5. Know The Hashtag Game

With smart hashtag practices, you can get your Tweets discovered by a lot of people that are outside of your normal community. It could be a trending topic or a hot button issue, you just need to know what the best hashtags are to use in your Tweet. If you want to look further into your hastagging, you can take a look at the analytics platform offered through Twitter.

6. Scoop Up Leads In Twitter Chats

Twitter chat is a hotspot of people who are looking for info on a certain niche. Pick and choose the right one that is going to fall in line with your chosen audience and look for leads. Connect with helpful comments and some great interactions and you are going to see the benefits.

7. Share Your Quality Content More Than Once

It is not possible for everyone to be checking out Twitter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always a chance that people will miss something the first time that you post it, so think about putting out a second post of the same content at a different time. This is also a nice way for you to be able to experiment with new images or text to see what it is that draws in your followers and those who comment on your Tweets.

8. Make Sure Your Profile Is Properly Optimized

Retweets and shares can be wonderful, but you need to remember how important it is that you have a fully optimized profile to allow people to find you when they are searching on their own. Not only do you need to be easy to find, but it needs to be clear what the next step is once your audience arrives.

Offer a cover photo that boasts a specific link or message and think about tweaking your bio a little bit to help you to get the recognition in the searches throughout Twitter. You could have the best profile in the world, yet if nobody is able to find you, you will not be discovered. Weave in some of the key industry terms and you will start to see that the top Twitter users will be able to find you and your following will start to grow quicker than ever.

The bottom line is that you really want to have a stronger presence on Twitter and you need to know the tips and tricks to get you there. While none of these may give you the results you want immediately, they are perfect building blocks you need for a smarter strategy moving forward. The more involved that you are with your audience and the better the understand that you have of Twitter and how to get the most out of the marketing opportunities, the more successful you are going to be.

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