7 App Marketing Secrets To Make Your App Successful

Jun 18

7 App Marketing Secrets To Make Your App Successful

These 7 app marketing secrets are going to help you become a lot more successful with what you’ve made. It’s always a good idea to take your time with things like this. There are so many apps on the market that you will only make it if yours stands out and is good. You can’t predict if it will go viral or have a ton of success right away, but you can at least use these tips to help you get it into the public eye.

1. Market To Your Target Audience

It’s never a good use of time to try and market to those that won’t even want to use your app. If you’re going to create an app for weight loss, it wouldn’t make sense to try marketing it to small kids. There are tons of app types and you need to think about who is likely to use it so you don’t spend your money and time on marketing to those that are not going to even use the app.

2. Make Sure Your App Works Perfectly

If you want your app to do well, you can’t put out something that has problems. If people find that they spent money on something that doesn’t work, it could cause you a lot of problems. You need to treat people well when it comes to them using your app, so if something is the matter with it, you shouldn’t release it. When people do notice problems, you should do what you can as soon as possible to fix the issue and if it cost people money in any way you have to find a way to pay them back.

3. Ask People To Leave Reviews

One of the best of the 7 app marketing secrets is for you to make sure you try to get some reviews built up. There are quite a few people out there that won’t try anything until they know others have tested it first. If you’re a new company or haven’t had a popular app yet, not many people will download it without seeing some kind of review and ratings that people have given it. That’s why you may want to hand it out for free to a certain amount of people in return for reviews.

4. Build A Social Media Profile

A social media account can put you in touch with millions of people potentially, or at least those that you can market to that will enjoy your app. You need to find out where people hang out that are likely to enjoy the app you have so that you’re not stuck with a site that doesn’t get you results. Pinterest, for instance, would be a great place to show photos of an app where you add filters to photos because it’s a site that is only about sharing photos that people collect.

5. Watch Your Statistics Closely

A site is going to have to have statistics attached to it if you want to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction. The good thing about Google Analytics and other tools is that you can watch over your stats when you put out an ad and see whether or not it’s going to benefit you or if it’s something that you need to change a little before you release it again. Don’t just take shots in the dark if you don’t have to since there are many ways to see how things are going if you look carefully into them.

6. Update Frequently

An update must be sent out to those that bought your app regularly if it’s something you can make changes to that make it work better. A good idea is to make something that you know that you can update at a later time to add more levels to a game or to add more features to a program that people are going to use to help you make people feel like they are getting more for their money. Don’t build an app with locked features that you unlock slowly with updates, because some people can look through programs and find out if that’s happening which customers really dislike.

7. Market Through Similar Apps

An app that you can find that is similar to yours may be a good place to try advertising to others. You can sometimes pay app makers to work with you and then you are able to reach out to their customer base even if you are competing with them. It’s all fair when they let you use their app to target those that are going to be likely to enjoy the app that is in your niche, so don’t be scared of giving this a try.

By using these 7 app marketing secrets it shouldn’t be too tough to succeed. You just have to have something that can make people have fun or enhance their lives. Keep adjusting your plans with this and when all is said and done it’s not that difficult to come out ahead. It’s easiest to make a success if you are willing to work hard at making it easy for people to find and use. Then it’s just a matter of time after you market it when you will start to see it taking off and getting a good number of downloads.

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